"I had almost debilitating social anxiety and F4R helped me overcome that fear!"

"It's a family atmosphere. When you come here, you're considered one of the family"

"The classes can teach you so much about yourself and help rebuild your confidence."


"F4R has taught me that I can make friends and that people like me."

"Friends 4 Recovery provides a unique service in our community. As a professional in the field, I encounter many clients that feel like they are the only person who has experienced the symptoms and challenges associated with their mental illness. Friends 4 Recovery offers a safe place where people can realize that they are not alone.

Recently I was meeting with a woman who has struggled to manage her depression for many years. She talked with enthusiasm about her participation in a WRAP class at Friends. She recounted a recent incident when she was sitting alone in her apartment with the shades drawn and the lights turned off, and it occurred to her that "this is depression." She indicated that this was the first time that she made the connection between this isolation and her depression. She attributed this awareness to the things she had learned at Friends.

Friends 4 Recovery is making a difference and saving lives."

Daniel Henrico