Friends 4 Recovery Whole Health Center was established in 2009 by Carla Beck and Nancy Castellon. We aim to provide an accepting and welcoming environment in which individuals from all backgrounds can learn techniques to manage their substance abuse and/or mental health disorders.

We are a peer-run wellness and education center for all struggling in the process of recovery. We focus on cultivating your strengths and supporting you in your personal whole health recovery goals. We accomplish this by providing peer-led classes that benefit your recovery journey. We also provide one-on-one peer support with a Certified Peer Support Specialist (through the Virginia Certification Board) that will support you in your person-centered goals and connect you with resources in the Chesterfield County community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support peers on their journey to recovery through help, hope, and healing from mental health and/or substance use problems.

Our Staff

Everyone on the Friends 4 Recovery staff, as well as those that serve on the Board of Directors, identifies as someone who has experienced a mental health and/or substance abuse disorder. We are here to model recovery and support you in your mental health and/or substance abuse goals.



Executive Director

Chris came to F4R in October 2018 as a Peer Navigator. He has spent many years in recovery seeking and maintaining health and wholeness both mentally and physically. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, Chris has had many decades to work on these issues in his life and can easily relate with other people who have similar struggles. He also has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.


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Cherie Silva

Vice-President of the Board

Cherie is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors at F4R. She came to the organization following a major depression episode. The support she received convinced her to stick around and volunteer. She's been with us ever since.

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Kirk Hellrung


Kirk began his recovery from mental and substance use challenges at F4R in 2015. When he first started coming, he was at what he described as his "bottom". He had been in and out of the hospital for close to a year for mental health issue. In addition he was fighting an addiction to drugs. Like many of his peers at F4R, he experienced a combination of mental health and substance abuse issues.

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Barbara Royster


Barbara came to F4R in October 2018. She was referred by CTI Psychiatric when they diagnosed her with major depression. She was also struggling with cocaine use. Hearing stories from other peers who struggle with the same things she deals with has helped her remain clean and sober. She now serves on the Board of Directors.

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Maria Howk

Peer Navigator

Maria has been with F4R since April 2017, where she began as a volunteer wellness coach. In September 2017, she became a Peer Navigator. She started her personal journey of recovery on June 19, 2016, which she remembers clearly as it was her last day in the grips of drug addiction. Now, her whole life revolves around recovery and she wouldn't have it any other way.

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Avery Crowder

Executive Assistant & Bookkeeper

Avery is a recent addition to the F4R community, joining the staff in January 2020. She has found the environment helpful with channeling her anxiety, which manifests as OCD behaviors, into productive energy. She looks forward to moving forward with the rest of the staff and is excited to be involved in developing new programs and reaching new communities.

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President of the Board

Kathy grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia In her later years, she developed bipolar disorder, as well as drug and alcohol addictions. She thanks Friends 4 Recovery for her current well-being. She first came here in 2016 and says she feels comfortable being herself. She is learning new ways to recover from being the person she used to be.

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Lindsey Childs

Secretary of the Board

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Mary Fisher


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Mina Padilla

Hispanic Peer and Outreach Coordinator

Guillermina (Mina) is originally from Honduras. She moved to Richmond in 2001. She has many years of experience as a social worker. She has been with F4R since January 2013. Her main purpose is to assist the Hispanic community by providing help and support to the unique situation peers may find themselves in.

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Jason Owen

Peer Navigator

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